Month of the Dragon

I already have a ‘dragon baby’.

Monkey Boy was born in the Lunar Year of the Dragon – the Golden Dragon, to be exact – a fact regularly handed on to us when we frequented the local Vietnamese restaurants during the later stages of my up the duffedness at the time.

Extremely excited, they were, when I had a boy, a golden dragon boy, and told us he would bring luck, that we were very lucky.

Some months later, a restaurant owner of one of our fave places asked if I had seen the ‘dragon temper’.

No, no I hadn’t.

It took about a week before it came to the fore.

Firey. Intense. Without warning.

Yep, I picked it as soon as I saw it. Dragon temper, indeed.

I got used to it, and my offspring, and my subsequent offspring and life goes on.

For a month now, however, we’ve had another dragon in the house.

Chippie, after a year of being a zombie and a robot (sometimes at the same time) watched a DVD version of

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