Morning motivation

Just like we adults, children also appear to be “human”.

You know, affected by the weather, lack of sleep, too much sleep, not enough food and various moods.

Which, sadly, has the effect of them being totaly fabulous and organised and cooperative one morning, and complete little fuckers the next.

Like this morning, where it appears not only have months (years) of saying “Put the frigging Light Sabres down. You are NOT to play with them in the house!” and the usual mumbling for fuck’s sake under your breath and how many frigging times do I have to tell them etc etc has not only not sunk in, but nor have the five times I mentioned it in the last 10 minutes.

Cardboard-roll-found-inside-wrapping-paper-Light-Sabres banished before Psycho Mum can turn them into confetti, which not only has she threatened but will damn well do, and the know it, I still found myself having to remind Godzilla about the “put your shoes and socks on” requirement before leaving the house.

About 93 times.

(Why was this not an issue yesterday?????)

Before I then yelled, another 23 times.

Then got super cross.

Then stabbed the green balloon creature thing he’d made all by himself, with my good knife.

In my defence, it was distracting him. He has days where he is easily distracted, and I’d already taken the ball

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