Most Mothers Don't

I wasn’t sure where to put this … or even if I should write it. I don’t want to upset or offend, nor do I want anyone thinking badly of me. I’m nice like that.

It is something very important to me, and something that I believe needs to be said.

A few days ago, a fellow blogger, Kerri Sackville, wrote a rather good post about the media and their reporting of parenting stories – Each to

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  1. I’m a bloke, obviously. For what it’s worth, I salute you for writing this and found it astute and articulate. We unfortunately live in this world where hate/judgmentalism/I’m-right-you’re-wrong/general-viciousness reign supreme. They sell newspapers, provided the script templates for thousands of soap operas, and fill up about 57% of Facebook’s content.

    This bit really sucks though: “I have seen

  2. It’s just such a shame that people need to be so defensive, there’s so much we can learn from others doing it differently. Not that I’ve never been guilty of being defensive because it’s so hard not to feed those trolls when they are poking at you personally.
    Unfortunately the Internet gives people a false sense of facelessness and the judgement comes out unfiltered, and obviously this extends to places like 60 minutes, they think that they can be hurtful without impact.
    I’ve seen bloggers I love who are just doing what’s right for their family actually have to put up disclaimers that they aren’t saying what they do is best for everyone just for their family and it makes me so sad.
    I really do hope that sites like yours can at least provide a safe haven for those who choose not to participate in hate and maybe change the tide so that this becomes a majority not a minority, in the meantime I’m grateful to be reminded why I no longer watch tv.
    (sorry if that’s rambly as usual am operating on little sleep)

  3. Pete, that bit made me feel sick, and is what prompted me to start my community. Unfortunately, I have no idea if anyting, or what happened to that woman. Maybe she found her way across and I don’t know … I have no idea.

    I just hope she found a safe place, somewhere.

    Lila, absolutely. And, so far, my site has been an amazing place, which attracts amazing women. We get the odd troll, but it is so rare, and they usually go when they get no satisfaction. You are so right, though.

    Christie, thank you.


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