Mother fail? Nah, it's for their own good!

Crammed several days worth of work into several hours whilst Grumpy was at work and Chippe was asleep in bed.

Thankfully, a slow news week:

Breaking News:

A mother leaves the house, and her toddler asleep in his cot, whilst she crossed the road, partially clad in pyjamas, to post some overdue mail.

Nothing happened. The toddler did not cry, choke, pull a TV down on himself or fall into the toilet. In fact, he remained asleep and was oblivious to the fact he was left home, alone, for all of 15 seconds.

Only ten minutes later, she left the house again, leaving the toddler, still asleep, in his cot, to cross the footpath and nature stip to put loads and loads of swimming lesson paraphernalia in the car parked right in front of the house.

He awoke when the door swung shut and made a loud bang. He cried for all of seven seconds before she returned to the house to collect him and stuff him in his car seat.

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