Mother Fail

I do believe I have been doing remarkably well the last few days.

Aside from dealing with some major disappointments and Stabby, Angry inducing behaviours courtesy of people or persons unnamed who have done well to piss me right off, my mothering is without fault.

I think the first incident of note occurred yesterday afternoon, after much screaming “hurry up” across playgrounds in a tone oft referred to as “fishwife”, I had finally managed to collate all relevant children and head towards the gate. Grumpy had extra shifts, the “usual routine” was thrown into complete disarray and if it wasn’t bad enough that I had to do swimming with my alabaster legs, complete with full Winter pelt, I was also treated to the delight of having to wrangle the guitar lessons with three children in tow.

So, we needed to get “out the gate now, or we’ll be running late! Argh!”


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