Mother of the Year and I have Trophy to prove it

I thought I’d been doing remarkably well, getting my shit together, making sure I kept upcoming excursion and school photo notes, updating various diaries and calendars with goings-on and even ensuring all was organised, communicating well and in writing for those days I was away earlier in the week.

It all went well.

If I forget that I completely forgot about a birthday party we were all invited to last week. Oh, yeah and an event this afternoon that totally slipped my mind.

Other than those things, I’m on it and doing well! Wooo!

I’ve even been keeping up Chippie’s school readers and nagging Monkey Boy and Godzilla about homework on a daily basis.

So awesome have I been, that I was awarded a trophy, made entirely from Duplo, this evening at bedtime by Chippie cos “I done good stuff”.

Not quite as simple as it sounds, however. It was a bit of work to obtain that trophy.

Earlier in the evening, whilst he was making dragons that breathed fire and poisonous gasses

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