Mother Son Shopping Day

This morning, I took Monkey Boy shopping.

Shoe shopping, more specifically.

He needed new runners, as did I. I did not want to take any of the family with me as, quite frankly, they are fuckers to go shopping with.

Although reluctant to, I dragged Monkey Boy along with me. I went with “it will be lovely to spend some time together, just he and I”.

It’ll happen like that, right?

As it turns out, he actually wanted to shop himself, anyway. He took his pocket money. Well, technically, I took it and kept it in my purse. I’m nice like that. We then spent four hours wandering around trying to find Skylanders and a very specific Lego Star Wars set that he just had to have.

And we did have a really, really nice time.

I discovered he is, right now, an amazing mix of intelligence, immature child , funny person and very much teenage boy … I got moments of all of these things and more. We didn’t speak much about anything profound, how he was feeling about stuff and things, or anything like that.

I did get to experience the wide-eyed wonder of a young child, the excitement at things we discovered in some shops, the nagging and begging and promised that he will never keep, interspersed with intellegent conversation about the behaviours of others, and that teenage-boy-to come when he shoved my head into his armpit and said “see, I did put deodorant on!”

Apparently, that was also funny.

He let me buy lunch, which was very generous of him.

Then he let me buy him his own wallet to keep his pocket money in.

And buy him shoes.

I managed to get some for myself, too.

I may not have learnt a great deal of profound things about his thoughts of feelings, but we did have a really lovely time.

Except maybe the armpit thing. Think I’ll have to put a stop to that before he gets much bigger.


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