I woke this morning feeling ok.

Tired, but ok.

We had a basketball game. I had, this season, so carefully entered all the times and venues into my phone.

Grumpy had gone to work, and the rest of us were up on time and going along smoothly.

We were out the door when I had planned, and before I thought we’d actually make it out.

I forgot my jacket, which I could deal with. Just.

The game was at the Far Away Venue, the one that takes a minimum 30 minutes to get to, but closer to 35 or 40.

As we neared the venue, the temperature dropped and it started raining. It rained harder the closer we got. I was regretting wearing short sleeves.

However, we were well on track for time.

I even turned to Godzilla and said “We’re going to be early today! That will be nice for a change,”

We arrive, find a car park at the end furthest from the entrance. Chippie has yellow snot streaming down his face. It starts to rain harder.

We pile out of the car, run to the stadium and drip all over the floor when we enter. We pay and enter the next set of doors into the courts to find Godzilla’s team.

They are on the court, playing. Hrm. We’re early! How can they be playing already.

Then it hits me … I think the looks on the other parents faces gave it away. The game started at 8.00 a.m. and

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  1. Oh god I hate those days, when you feel so positive about everything going according to plan and you are for once organised… then you arrive at where you are meant to be only find out you are late and missed whatever it is you had looked forward to doing 🙁

    Soul crushing.

    I’m sorry it happened to you today.

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