Mothering Sunday: Three Key Ingredients

After a week of Full Body Exfoliations whilst I slept, you’d think my week couldn’t get any more exciting!

But it did!

Mother’s Day always makes me feel special.

I think it’s the being woken up extremely early, and well before I’m ready, by an excited child. It is lovely that he is over-excited on my behalf, but still … I’d like the sleep.

At least he turned the coffee machine on for me, and eventually brought one in for my pleasure.

Not, however, before he went and woke his older brother, extracting a somewhat grumpy “Piss off” from the pre-teen in the process. Tears, more swearing and yelling ensued, which woke the four year old, who clambered into bed, over my face with his knees, and causing excruciating pain to my right boob with his elbows and chin.

I was presented with the creativity from school (a cactus in a pot, the pot decorated by the ten year old as part of class work) and from kindergarten (a CD with his non-smiling photo on it, and some sparkly, shiny things). Nothing from the high school as that is ‘way uncool’ or something.

Chippie also made me a card …

It has a picture of a skunk on it because “that’s for Muvver’s Day” and Grumpy Pants suggested was highly appropriate so I muttered “get fucked” under my breath.

I was then presented with the pizza stone I knew I was getting, as Grumpy Pants asked me just three days ago if I would like one. I love to think that this is just a trick and my carefully dropped hints like “I’d really love one of those Samsung smart cameras. Maybe you could get me one for Mother’s Day” are taken on board and he’s just trying to distract me.

I did state, a day or two ago, to Monkey Boy (cos he listens) just what I wanted, and he looked at Grumpy Pants and said “now she’s gone and spoilt the surprise!”

Unfortunately, my ‘hints’ are a little too subtle, and he gave Monkey Boy some money to purchase said pizza stone, then Monkey Boy “tricked” me into taking them to Puckle Street so he could buy it, and he did an excellent job at trying to be clandestine about it all, but I knew. I did an equally good job at pretending I wasn’t clued in to what he was up to, so I didn’t upset or offend him.

All his effort had gone into hiding the purchase from me, as none had gone into wrapping it.

But that’s ok.

Then, the pizza cutter that came with it attached me and caused a terribly horrible gash in my finger.

After a cooked breakfast that included bacon (key ingredient 1) and spinach, none of which was cooked the way I like it, we embarked on a discussion about how I might like to spend my day.

Godzilla felt I should go out for the day and “do stuff with friends or something you want to do and we will be out of your way” as I suspect he wanted to stay home, but was generous enough to consider me in his thoughts.

Monkey Boy wanted to go to the aquarium, but Grumpy hates aquariums. I love them, so suggested I would happily go with Monkey Boy. Grumpy said it needs to be a family day and if that’s what I really wanted to do we would all go. I wanted a nice

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