Mother's Day Wrapped Down

Monkey Boy has been busting to make this day special for me. He’s awesome like that.

He was only telling me yesterday how he was going to pack my bag and send me out of the house so I can have a few days to myself, and to recuperate, and if I come home in that time, he will call the police and tell them I am an intruder and don’t live there.

He’s awesome like that.

Really, I just desperately needed a good sleep. The ‘not well’ icky cough and snotty head, and the weeks of stress have built up and, honestly, a day of sleeping and doing not much is just what I need.

This morning, Godzilla wandered into our room just after 7.00a.m. and climbed into bed beside Grumpy Pants, who immediately whispere “Let’s get up and let your mother have a sleep in.”

I have the best family.

Then, as I was drifting off into oblivion, seconds later, the door opens and Monkey Boy presents me with a MUG of cold coffee, and Chippie and Godzilla come and dump stuff on me. I can’t sit up because a) I’m in that baffled state of ‘nearly got to sleep but was disturbed’ and b) because I had a box sitting on my head, and a bag sitting on my belly.

Chippie is banging on the box, resting precariously on my face, and saying “Wrap it down, Mummy, wrap it down!”

(Clearly, he has heard us discussing ‘wrapping presents up’ so the obvious reversal of that is to ‘wrap presents down’.)

He gives up, proceeds to pull stuff out of the bag and say “Look, pants!” It’s actually a bag from Two Old Bags, who make bags out of jeans (and my pyjama pants on one occasion when they made a bag just for ME!, given to me be an adorale friend for my birthday last year :)). Chippie commences the banging on box and “WRAP IT DOWN, MUMMY!” once the bag is emptied, and Monkey Boy and Godzilla fight over who gives me their school-made card first, then demand to know which one is “better”.

“But I love them both, equally!” I say, whilst thinking and wish you would both shut up and stop yelling, equally, because I’m about to shove you both off the bed. Equally!

Eventually, I’m able to position myself upright, and attempt to ‘wrap down’ my present, as Chippie looks at me seriously and says “It wrap in purple” then “I wrap it down for you” and he does.

An ipod dock and clock radio so I may listen to good songs and sing loudly and dance whilst I make dinner – hooray!

(And drown out the noise of children braining each other at the other end of the house, and the pre-schooler tugging on my pants and yelling at me for marshmallows – just saying.)

The Mother’s Day festivities at an end – and Mother’s Day in and of itself, it seems – I’m still exhausted and would really just like some peace and quiet, and some more sleep.

The chilly, rainy Melbourne weather is encouraging of this sort of activity. Ideally, I’d like to pull the sofa bed out, and snuggle up with some Lindor Gourmet Truffles and my new Chicago DVD (they were all out of Sound of Music) but children and husbands and the rest of it thwarted this brilliant plan.

Instead, I pulled the sofa bed out, grabbed a blanket and a few pillows, put Chippie into some kind of straight-jacket-like Mum-Hug and watched Toy Story 2.

I was treated to a few more moments of Almost Asleep, and jerked out of it several times by Chippie demanding I push Buzz Lightyears wings back in (he’s unable to do it himself, and appears to thoroughly enjoy pressing the button to pop them out again, and pressing my buttons by demanding I push them back in again seconds later, on repeat, until we are yelling at each other).

Buzz is shoved down the pack of the couch so I can no longer be pissed off by him and hopefully get some sleep, when, just as I’m at the Almost stage again, Monkey Boy, he of the Must Speak For Sake Of Making Noise Disorder, joins us and gives a running commentary of the movie I am trying not to watch as I

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  1. I got my own coffee, cooked breakfast, lunch and dinner and basically, apart from getting my girf bag in the morning, was the same day as any other, except I refused to clean the crappers due my apparent ‘queen for a day’ status. Therefor scrubbed the crappers on Monday. :/

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