Movie Experiences and Giveaways – The Muppets and War Horse

Last school holidays, the family and I were sent a couple of movies to have a bit of a look at and give our opinion on.

They were The Muppets (which I had wanted to see at the movies, but we didn’t get around to it) and War Horse (which my hubby was desperate to see, but didn’t get around to it) (Hmm, I don’t recall our school hols being that exciting that we didn’t get around to stuff, but anyhoo).

The Muppets – the kids loved it and had to watch it several times. Hooray!

The movie was along similar lines to previous movies, i.e. for some reason they need to put on a show to save the Muppet Theatre, and have a deadline and they almost, but don’t quite make the deadline and … you’ll have to watch the movie to see how it ends 😀

It was filled with all the terrible, terrible jokes and humour of The Muppet Show from my childhood memories, which made me laugh out loud, and roll my eyes, along with my eleven-year-old.

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  1. I would love to say that I relax in a bubble bath with a book and a bottle of wine but my 8 yr old can touch both ends of our bath at the same time so there is nothing relaxing about a bath with most of you sticking out the water! I try to get some book time in but usually I am running around trying to keep up with the mess four kids make! They love the Muppets since their father and Uncle introduced it to them a couple of years ago. We have a few of the original episodes on video which create gales of laughter that is nice to hear instead of the usual bickering!

  2. What do I do when I am left to my own devices? I could say that I strip off naked, open the Venetians and give the neighbours something to really talk about… or I could tell the truth and admit to reading facebook while licking the cake mix from the beaters…

    And Oh! War Horse!! I was MEANT to see that! But my husband *gagspit* decided to get meningitis and screw up my date! So I have not seen it yet! Menfolk!

  3. What? Quiet time? While watching something like The Muppets? You mean LEAVE. THE. ROOM???

    I’ve gone beyond pretending I just “have” to endure the stuff the kids watch, I join in with gusto at the potty jokes and toilet humour.

    Ok, I might retreat to the bedroom when I stick a dvd on for them after I’ve been totally exasperated from umpiring them all weekend, but only because I can see the tv from my bed and secretly eat lindt chocolate yumminess without them noticing.

    And bugger me, who can resist a perfectly timed fart shoe joke? You know the one I mean!!

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