Moving a Mad House

Still without a confirmed date, and knowing we have a few days interruption, where nothing will be able to be achieved right in the middle of all the moving and stuff, I figure it is best just to be prepared and get stuff done.

I generally don’t like to do things without absolute confirmation.

The Universe has a horrible habit of realising I have been Tempting Fate and has a bit of a laugh and joke at my expense.

Although, to be fair, it’s relatively mild, just terribly frustrating and annoying.

So, I’m totally outside of my comfort zone, right now, as well as just the general stress of packing and moving.

Which, to be honest, is rather not-stressful, given this time I am doing a vast proportion of it on my own. I have set up my days, dividing them between working, the Usual Daily Stuff and organising to move.

There is no one here to ‘help’, to offer suggestions, to check in with, or to check in with me, and I just go about stuff and things, music up (MY choice of music), dancing and packing as I go.

Progress is being made. Slowly, but surely.

So fabulously productive and not stressed was I feeling when the kids

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