Moving Forward

Our house settled today.

We popped over to collect some lemons from the tree that survived my care – the third, or is it the fourth, that we had planted – and to leave a bottle of bubbles and a card, wishing the new owners well in their new home.

I was a mixture of numb, weird, sad, excited, nostalgic and relieved. And possibly 837 other emotions at the same time.

Given Grumpy Pants and I are severely defecit in the Celebrating Milestones department, we made a pact that today would be a “celebration” day. Just a fun day.

Thus, we were at the movies, watching Madagascar 3 when the call came throught that settlement had gone through. We went for coffee and ran around a playground like lunatics, chasing the kids and getting stuck on the slide (Grumpy, not me – I bounced down it and hurt my coccyx).

Rather than head home, we thought we’d go out for a Celebratory Dinner. So we did. At a formerly-local Japanese restaurant. My heathen children have developed a taste for salmon; both the raw and smoked varieties.

Grumpy and I order a glass of bubbles each. It is flat. I hope this is not a sign of things to come. With dinner, or our future ….

We order a decent selection of entree items and a suchi and sashimi platter, for all of us to share.

Chippie picks some of the tempura batter off a prawn (*sigh*) and Monkey Boy uses a fork for his Bento Box (*sigh*).

After a bubbly glass of bubbles and consumption of our entrees, we are still awaiting the platter, and the tuna sushi Godzilla ordered.

We comment greatly on the lack of food appreciation our children have, and how they used to be so good at eating and experimenting with different foods … the word “heathen” is used multiple times.

At which point, Godzilla pipes up with “Where’s our sushi?”

“It’ll be here soon,” I reassure him.

He looks at me, incredulous, and asks “How long does it take to cook sushi?!”

I was unable to answer at the point, as bubbles came out my nose, but I did acknowledge that it just reinforced my point about our uncultured swine offspring. Just saying …

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