Mr Compassion

Ah, Monkey Boy is such a caring little soul.

He’s always concerned about others, particuarly when they’re sad.

Or in danger of being hurt.

Like when we’re walking through Target’s toy section, looking for a birthday gift, and we wander through the pirate stuff with the swords and everything.

“Mummy, that sword is really dangerous.”

Yes, experience of proud Mummy moment, or better – good mummy moment – because my “no guns and swords policy” has finally sunk in.

God, I’m good.

“Yes, you’re right. It is!”

Big smile on face, isn’t my son just so good, I’ve clearly done a great job raising him thoughts going through my head.

“Yeah, the one Puss in Boots has has a round thing at the end near the handle. So you don’t hurt your hand when you stab someone. Those ones there are really dangerous.”


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