Mr Fix It. The things we do to prevent a grumpy wife.

My only option last night, when we got home, was to go to bed. Curled up in the foetal position it was.

Grumpy decided to stay up and “just check out the washing machine” to see if he could “work out what was wrong with it” and “fix it”.

He had the seal around the door off before I made it to bed, and noted it was in desperate need of replacing.

Fabulous, can we worry about it in the morning? No. He had to “see” if he could replace it himself.

Fine. Whatever.

The noises I heard, as I lay in repose (attempted repose) were astounding. At one point I got up to “see” for myself, and noted the top off the machine and bits lying around the floor.

“What are you doing?”

“Seeing if I can replace the seal”

“Why are there bits all over the floor? Why is the top off the machine? What are you doing?”

“Just looking.”

I returned to bed, only to hear a sawing type noise. Best I remain in bed and distract myself. I don’t really want to know.

Eventually, Grumpy came to bed and started promptly snoring.

This morning, as I go to get up, I am given a warning.

“Oh, watch were you walk in the lounge room. There are bits of washing machine on the floor.”


I really, really don’t want to know. But can’t walk through the lounge with my eyes closed.

He eventually alights from bed and informs me, proudly, that he “put the washing machine back together and there are no bits left over.” Big smile on face.

Ah ha.

So how come the door is off, what are these screws for, what is this bit lying over here, and where is the bit you put the powder in??

Pour coffee and go for big long walk.

After distributing kids to various educational facilities, I retreated to my office. Grumpy rang around places to find a new seal. I preferred he rang around places to find someone who would actually put the thing back together. Thank goodness we’re not paying Grumpy by the hour.

Two options available, wait a week for a part from Adelaide, or pay and extra $10 to get one up the road (ok, a half hour drive up the road, but still)

Grumpy went for option 2, he’d prefer to “spend the extra to avoid a grumpy wife.”

Note: he did not spend and addtional $5 on nice bunch of flowers for grumpy wife.

I spent all day walking into rooms, seeing mounting piles of washing and thinking “oh, I’ll do that now. But wait. I can’t.”

Machine fixed and working (according to Grumpy, I wasn’t allowed to play just yet) by end of the day.

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