Multitasking at it's finest

The school pickup in all it’s usual shambles.

Godzilla, despite us waiting outside the door of his classroom, managed to get past and head to the playground, where it requires a serious dose of Novocain and sevaral hours to extract him.

During this time, Monkey Boy, whom we have located, dumps his bag in the middle of some thoroughfare or other and vanishes, only to appear right beside us after we’ve got half the school looking for him, and a well established, pissed off expression on our faces.

Bypass the collecting of Chippie until later on, so that I can do the basketball training run, and Grumpy can take Monkey Boy to overly large shopping mall to buy some more LEGO. Because he needs it. And I’m not stupid enough to do it. Today, anyway. I’ll do the beloved basketball run.

I decide a peach would be nice. So we stop by the fruit shop on the way home and grab a bag of them.

By the time we make it to the lights, some 9 shop fronts up, Godzilla has managed to devour 3/4 of a peach, and have juice running from his wrist to elbow, over the short sleeve of his school shirt, half his face is orange, as is a good portion of the front of his shirt.

Which is purple, so intruiging to say the least. Can only be thankful he didn’t wear a white one today.

He is also the only person I know, toddlers included, who can make that much mess with a peach.

I tell him so. “I can’t believe you can make that much mess with a peach!”

“He’s multitasking,” Monkey Boy assures me.

Yup, eating and making a mess.

Is that multitasking? Technically speaking?

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