Mum's don't know everything

The “arse crack” (“bum crack, thank you, is much more preferable”) discussions continued today.

Probably because its the funniest thing that has ever been said in the world. Followed closely by “bum bum poo poo head”, which is, obviously, pretty hysterical. I know I can’t stop laughing.

(Ah, my kids really need a life if they think that’s funny! Sad, really.)

And then the questions started.

“Why do we poo out our bum hole?”

Fortunately, I have done a fair bit of study on anatomy, so was able to provide one of those answers that caused the kids eyes to glaze over and become distracted by other things.

Excecpt for Monkey Boy.

“But how does our food turn into poo?”

“But how does it get there?”

“Well, what does it do in the middle?”

And finally …

“Why do we have arse cracks?”

I couldn’t really think of an answer to that one.

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