Mums' Night Out! 2011 – Debrief

(I swear, I was taking off my stockings! Cos it was hot. Wasn’t taking my briefs off at all!!!! I don’t care what you’ve heard!)

*contended sigh*

Last night was the Best. Night. Ever!

Mums’ Night Out! 2011, of course!

After months and months of planning, the 8th event (9th year – I skipped a year in 2007), stuffing of bags, awaiting the arrival of prizes and more stuff for bags that, inevitably, appeared after the official Bag Stuffing Ceremony that occurred in my dining room and subsequently finding a suitable use for the now unused cot:

Of course, more bag stuffing was required the morning of the event, along with delivery of prizes to the venue. Lindt Australia provided us with some nice little bag stuffers (and some prizes), of which constant monitoring of Bag Stuffing Assistants was required to ensure none went missing.

Coles had also contributed significantly to the goodie bags, which came in very handy before and after the event.

There was a box or two extra of their scrumptiously delicious Choc Chip Cookies, which came in handy during the Bag Stuffing Ceremony, in keeping us sustained and keeping the children adequately bribed, fed and out of the way until we finished. Did I mention they were also scrumptiously delicious?

Much racing around of gathering children from school, dropping friends off at hotels, racing home for a shower and back to “our” hotel to complete getting ready and head off for a night of fun!

And it was, honestly, the Best. Night Ever.

So far!

Food was served, the bar was open, we had SO MANY PRIZES (thank you to our incredibly amazing sponsors!) that it was hard to get them all handed out without cutting into our dancing time! Huge thanks to Alli from Motivating Mum who kept the show running as smoothly as possible, and to my other incredibly amazing helpers; Catherine (she of the chocolate-down-top behaviour), Jacinta, Michelle, Emma, Jodi and all the other awesome chicks from Real Mums who just provide me with support, all the time! And offered and gave help where they could.

The venue – Frederick’s in Essendon – was the perfect size, the staff were amazing, polite, friendly …. and tolerant! Super impressed by everything, down to the special shots the created just for us! If someone got a photo of the “Shots Menu” blackboard – can I have a copy please?

Mostly, I think the women who were there made the night. I did spend most of the night on the dancefloor – letting loose and just having the time of my life (including singing those words at some point, I’m sure of it) – so can’t be really sure of everythign that happened. Every time I looked around, however, poeple were having fun and doing what they were comfortable doing. Some dancing was going on outside the Designated Dance Area (aka the Dance Floor) and there were loads of “thanks so much for a great night!” comments as people stumbled out the door; from the weight of their Mums’ Night Out! 2011 Goodie Bags of course.

Oh, ok them, and possibly due to excess alcohol consumption.

More dancing by the “stayers” – which I believe also included some air guitar, cartwheels, the splits (there are gonna be some very sore ladies today!) and things perhaps best left unsaid. Yes, looking at the photos on my personal camera, I’m also going to add “unsuitable for pulic viewing” to the aforementioned “unsaid” comment.

I did turn around at one point, from my spot on the dancefloor, to discover the venue had cleared out and there were about 15-20 of us remaining, all of us on the dancefloor. Shoes had been discarded hours earlier, the bar had stopped serving drinks and the place was being cleared up around us.

Eventually we staggered up to our rooms; thankfully this year locoated on the same premises as the venue, did some bed-hopping, chip eating and pyjama donning, before we all fell asleep, exhausted from our fun adventures of the evening.

I don’t know about anyone else; but for me – Mental Health restored.

At least for now.

When’s the next on?!

PS Seriously, my photos can’t be posted publicly. I would be breaching my own rules of respecting the dignity of others, and just respecting others generally, should I post them. That wouldn’t be nice. Suffice to say, they do show what a fabulous time we all had. Kelly (of Photos by Kelly) was our official photographer and she will have photos available soon. When we have them, I’ll upload them to the Mums’ Night Out! site and let you know 😀

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