Mums' Night Out! 2013 – A Review of the Night that was

We all need a mental health moment every now and again. Which is the very reason Mums’ Night Out! was invented in the first place, back in 2003 when I was enduring the Terrible Two-like antics of her then almost two year old and was six months pregnant with my second.

Thus, this year’s even was the 10th anniversary, which is a significant achievement, given the tears and tantrums along the way. Many a time I have been tempted to ditch it as a “stupid idea”, but something drove me to keep going. Possibly the open bar, loads of dancing to music I enjoyed and being surrounded by a bunch of amazing, like minded women. Who wouldn’t be driven to ensure that happened on a regular basis?

Or is it just me that does crazy things like that?

Anyhoo, the Night happened and it was, again, predictably a bloody great night out. Open bar (this year’s bar included cocktail slushies, so that was a bonus!) loads of dancing to music I like, a room full of amazing women and some crazy antics throughout the night.

Just great fun. And no kids, which, on top of the cocktail slushie thing, made it a Double Bonus. Just night to let loose, and have fun without worrying about where your kids are and what mischief they’re up to now.

Fredrick’s in Essendon allowed us to infiltrate their restaurant and dance floor and, again, were just amazingly accommodating, supportive and an absolute pleasure to deal with. They took a heap of the stress out of the leadup to the event, and smiled the whole way through it. Even though, really, they could have been shaking their heads and/or hiding under the bar.

The guys who helped sort accommodation at the venue for a bunch of us were also awesome to deal with.

The incredible Karen from Classique Events

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