Mums' Night Out! It's a wrap

Last night was THE night of nights. None of this Logies business. I even had my own wardrobe malfunction, whereby I was so focussed on everyone having a brilliant time, that I literally chose my outfit an hour before I was to be at the venue, and had a dodgy slip thing (something I have never worn in my life!) that kept sliding sideways and sitting funny and exposing my bra. A lot.

(I should have gone with the Mix top I had, but I wore that at an event only two weeks ago and … you know, I’m a fuckwit, cos I don’t usually care about stuff like that… anyhoo.)

I spent Thursday evening seconding the kids to ‘help’ finish stuffing the goody bags for the night, then most of the following two hours saying “NO! They are NOT YOURS to have, NO you cannot have one until I get my goody bag tomorrow night and I MIGHT share with you, oh, please, god, help me, why am I doing this?!?!?!?!?!??!?!”

I spent this morning making sure the iPod had all the appropriate music on it, paying invoices, checking numbers, printing tickets, putting stickers on envelopes and hoping everyone fucking appreciates the work put in that they don’t see.

Then I arrived late at the venue, but not so late, just later than my Anal Control Freak Virgo Perfectionist part of my brain likes. You know, 7 minutes later than the time I set myself, which was half an hour earlier than necessary.

The venue – The Butterfly Club – is freaking awesome! They were an absolute pleasure to work with, incredibly accommodating and patient. And the decor was amazing; funky, kitsch, lots of little knickknacks around the place, but mostly comfortable and fun.

Jenny Wynter and her Unexpected Variety Show was equally awesome. I have seen – and reviewed – this show before, and was just as blown away by Jenny’s talent as previous. She is clever, honest, funny – hilarious, actually – and an absolutely brilliant singer. People talk about ‘range’ and ‘pitch’ and stuff like that when it comes to singing. I don’t know enough about the intricacies and technicalities of singing to comment. What I do know is this chick can sing in different accents! And she’s funny. Did I mention that?

Her story is just sooooo heartwarming, and heartbreaking at times, and she’s not scared to sing about her birthing experience.

I laughed and laughed.

Upstairs, afterwards, was food and drinking and just chilling with an amazing bunch of women. I always have just so much fun, just letting my hair down, not having to worry about anything and just knowing I’m loved and supported. It was SO awesome to see some new people come along, a few who had even braved purchasing a single ticket, and having a great time.

It makes my heart sing.

I have to express my gratitude for not only everyone who came along and supported the night, but especially to the chicks from Real Mums (and its Bad Mother’s Club community) whom keep me going and are always there for me.

I’m so impressed by the love and support and community of these chicks. This is how awesome they are … one of our ‘usuals’ couldn’t make it last night, so we rang her and sung to her, so she wouldn’t miss out. Of course, it was a song that she abhors, but that’s not the point; that she abhors it holds a lot of meaning with her and Mums’ Night Out! so we had to include her …

Photos of boobs and shots up dresses were also taken – it’s a given. But they’re being used for blackmail at a later stage deleted.

Goody bags were handed out and rifled through – because who can wait till the morning to check out the loot?!

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