My Favourite Smells

I ran out of coffee.


Which is not all bad, because it means I get to go to one of my favourite places in the world; Amore Coffee in Moonee Ponds.

It is not uncommon for me to walk into that place and take a deep breath. It is also not unusual – although some people do find it more than a little strange and disconcerting – to find me walking out of the place and back to my car, bag of freshly ground coffee in front of my face as I sniff it.

Now I think about it, it may look a little weird.

But fuckit. It’s sooooooo good.

Today, I did the coffee run after school. Which means I had Chippie and Godzilla in tow.

“This shop smells delicious,” Chippie said, although I’m unsure if he was just getting in before me, I have corrupt his young mind and directed his likes and dislikes, or if he genuinely likes the smell.

“I know, isn’t it amazing?” I reply. “I love the smell of this shop.”

“Me, too,” he says.

Followed by “Until I just farted. Can you smell it?”


Do you have a favourite smell? Other than Child Fart?

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