My Great (in)SANE Inspired Adventure

I did consider naming this post something about Things To Do Before You Die.

But it would probably be a boringly short list, because my brian is already full of things to think about and I’m not sure I could come up with a list of more than one. Also, who am I to tell you what you ‘should’ do before you die. This is my thing, not yours, although it’s totally cool if you have similar ideas.

Then I though something something New Year’s Resolutions, but think everyone is over that by now, having vehemently voiced what their intentions for the year are, then deciding it was too hard and have forgotten about them all now.

Then I thought about naming it something akin to the conversation that I had with my fifteen year old, that went something like:

Him: “You know what’s really annoying?” (he starts a lot of conversations like this, so much so that it’s got really annoying.)

Me: “You.”

Him: “No. When …”

Me: “It wasn’t a question. I was telling you what’s really annoying.”

Him: “No, Mum. It’s really annoying when …”

Me: “When you ignore me? You asked me and I told you.”

Him: “Mum. *exasperated sigh* Just shut up. So, you know what’s really annoying?”

Me: “URGH! Look, a fire truck!”

But people get all thingy about how people are honest about what it’s like having kids and have this consipracy to keep it all hush hush and pretend everything is lovely and fluffy and rainbows and stuff. I run the risk of Being Judged, and I rather don’t like Being Judged.

There was only one things for it, and, well you already know what it is. Inspired by the fact that I have commit myself to go on a trek along the Great Wall of China this September, to raise funds and awareness for SANE Australia, and organised by Inspired Adventures.

There are a number of reasons I’m doing this. In no particular order:

  1. My own experiences with mental illness, and knowing how debilitiating, lonely, and intensely frustrating it can be – for me, and for those around me, who love me, and have to put up with me – I will support anything that takes what I want to do with mental health, and does it at a much larger and significantly better scale than I ever could;
  2. I know how vital organisations like SANE Australia are, for those affected directly by mental illness, and those who are around that person, who love them, and who have to deal with them;
  3. I have wanted to visit Beijing and the Great Wall of China since I was ten (so quite a few years, actually), and I love walking, and I only recently mentioned to my beloved that it would be so cool to walk one end of the Great Wall to the other and he looked at me like I was a nutcase, and I got all excited and then I found this adventure and I was sooooo excited and went “YEAH!”

And signed up for it.

It’s not quite one end of the Great Wall to the other, a mere 21, 196 km, but I have signed up to walk 40km over 5 days.

But I need you and your support.

One of the conditions of my being accepted for this challenge is that I fundraise a minimum of $3,500

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