My Kids. Totes Embarrassing.

After my foray into the city of Melbourne a few weeks back, exploring the new delight that is the Myer MyKids Emporium, complete with a plethora of toys, kids’ clothes and fun stuff, and after much dealing with poor, neglected and traumatised children (my own, apparently neglected and traumatised because I did not give them a day off school so they could accompany me) I chose to take the Biggest and the Littlest in for a bit of a looksee.

I was also motivated by the gift of some vouchers in which to utilise at said store – yup, there’s the disclaimer I have to include right there. I was given a couple of vouchers to put towards products purchased in the toy and clothing sections – and that the Middlest Child had a few friends coming over and Monkey Boy and I needed to escape for a bit, so we didn’t completely lose our wills to live.

A short car trip and tram ride to the Emporium building situated in the pocket that is Elizabeth, Lonsdale, Swanston and Little Bourke Streets in the Melbourne CBD, up some escalators and into some sort of Child Valhalla.

And where the kids went into the What Do I Look At First Frenzy.

Not difficult for Monkey Boy; straight to the LEGO section, easy to find, well stocked, Monkey Boy heaven …

Chippie was a little more scattered, flitting between the range of

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