My little boy is growing up.

Having read all of Captain Underpants several times, and awaiting a friend to do some reading so they can get on with Harry Potter number three sometime soon, Monkey Boy decides to read something a little more informative.

I found him in bed, last night, reading the follow up to the book we read together. The on that answered his “What is sex, Mum?” question.

This one all about the hormonal changes to the body and all the fun things that happen: pimples, pubic hair and all the rest of it ….

“Are you sure you wanna be reading that one?”

“Yep. I just want to find out what happens.”


Do I encourage this learning? Let him find out from (argh! NOOO) his peers? Delay it as much as possible? Curl up in a corner with a bottle of chardy and some chocolate teddy bear biscuits?

I left him to it.

Grumpy Pants felt the need to inform me that our little boy is growing up. He got out of bed, climbed in with Grumpy for a bit of a snuggle (I, as usual, was not there, having been up for about 14 hours already and stuck into some work before doing the daily Family and Child Related Required Duties).

“Hey, dad,” he intones, “I have an ‘erection’! I just learnt that word. Its a good one, isn’t it?”


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