My One Pot Winter Saviour

I hate Winter.

Especially Melbourne winter.

It’s is icy cold, my fingers and toes go numb, I say things like “I can’t feel mah toes!” and my hilarious husband says “That’s because you have cloven feet!” and I have to hit him and it hurts my fingers.

I don’t like the feeling of being restricted by layers of clothing, of having things around my neck and being weighed down by heavy jackets (over the top of a heavy jumper).

I don’t like leaving the house when it’s cold. I don’t like putting my slippers on and being frostbitten when I do so.

I hate that moment immediately after luxuriating in a warm shower, when you get out and your boobs freeze and drop off.

(Also, I use the term ‘luxuriating’ loosely; obviously I meant that 1.7 minutes of interrupted shower you get, before the water goes cold or there is screaming and blood from another room in the house.)

I also used to highly dislike the mid-winter after school activities that saw us driving around and attempting to race inside, laden with the overfull swimming bag, guitars, basketballs that don’t like to be held or whatever other paraphernalia was required for that particular evening’s adventures whilst it is rather dark and bucketing down with rain – as it always tends to be when we have something on after school.

Then, when we did make it inside, I’d want something nice and toasty hot to eat and realise I have either forgotten to take something out of the freezer for dinner, or the quick-and-easy (yet highly nutritious) idea I had just isn’t going to cut it.

Then Kambrook sent me a Soup Simple Soup Maker (a One Pot Wonder!) to play with and, suddenly, winter is tolerable. Or, at least those horrible, post after school activity moments are, as are lunches when I am working at home.

As it’s name strongly implies, it is a soup maker. One in which you require only one pot. It is, in fact, the single pot you require for said soup making.

Toss all your ingredients in, set it to a ‘smooth’ or a ‘chunky’ soup and voila,

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  1. Would love your chicken and sweet corn recipe for the kambrook soup maker! I just got one for Mother’s Day

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