Parenting Consistency

This afternoon, I discovered a bunch of papers in the back of the car; the one that is most oft used for the transportation of my offspring to and from school.

They looked remarkably like Notes From School and, on closer inspection, indeedy they were! Notes from earlier this term, so only handed out six or more weeks ago.

I realise the fault lays entirely with me. You see, I regularly ask “Do you have any notes in your bag?”

This is a question to which I am often given a “No” or an “I dunno” in reply. Until the next morning, at least, or the day after an important note is due. In this particular case, Godzilla didn’t have notes in his bag, as they had fallen out of the never-zipped compartment when he hurled his bag into the boot of the car.

Amongst these notes I discovered what looked to be a

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