My Top 3 Gluten Free Lunchboxes


I thought we were over this, but as showed up in my Facebook feed the other day, it seems we’re not.

You know, lunchbox art?

Which isn’t actually the painting of, or drawing on lunchboxes, but rather the art of creating things out of food so they look like mermaids and Pokemons (or is
it Pokemonses?) and not at all like Vegemite sandwiches and an apple.

Possibly because both those items are, apparently, taboo and to be excluded from all lunchboxes lest you Be Judged! By Other Mothers.


So, anyhoo, a couple of “lunchbox ideas” popped up in my feed, featuring things like snails, but not the delicious garlic buttered escargot kind, but rather snails made from apple and celery and two raisins and pretzel sticks or something. I don’t actually know, so please, please do not follow this set of instructions I just gave, then complain at me about how it didn’t work.

As tends to happen around this time of year, I get a bunch of emails, media releases mostly, about all sorts of back to school stuff. The theme this year has been skewed very much towards the lunchbox/lunches/what the kids can eat at school sort of thing.

Before I carefully read them and worked out whether any would fit into my editorial schedule (I lie, I don’t have an editorial schedule) I did a bit of “Bloody jeebus bumface, school is back soon!” and wrote copious lists so I felt as though I had some level of planning and control of the impending doom.

Not quite, I might add, as Impending Doom if school doesn’t bloody go back soon! Just saying.

Anyhoo, after freaking and panicing a little, I sat down and read a handful of these emails.

One caught my eye; pronouncing something something about Gluten Free Lunchboxes.

Given I am Gluten Free Intolerant, generally this sort of thing is dismissed fairly soon into the reading of the email. Unless it can give me something interesting, different, and not just appear to be mindless bandwagon jumping on, I’m not interested.

(I am, however, interested in things that are less fad, and more of actual benefit to those who genuinely need it.)

Gluten. Free. Lunchboxes, huh?


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  1. The nude lunch boxes are great, until the kids lose the bits that go in them, and then you still have to use cling wrap. I used to like the tupperware containers but they are a bit small for hungry teens and I still end up sending extra bits and pieces. Lunches shouldn’t be so HARD! Also, Mr 15 was once looking through my instagram feed and to my horror, commented on a mum’s photo of her arty school lunch that it ‘looked horrible’ and her kid would be embarrassed by it … I thought it was an interesting observation though! Food art might be okay for very young kids but tweens and teens don’t want a bar of it!

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