My turn!

A rather productive day, complete with a bit of a break, kid free, and with a bunch of other mums.

Some call it “gossiping”. I call it “networking”.

Arrive at school for Collection Of Children and discover Monkey Boy and A Friend remaining behind in the classroom. I notice the teacher is talking to another parent, so head on in.

Only to be stopped by the outstreched arm of teacher as I attempt to bypass her. So great, it appears, is the issue at hand that she unceremoniously dismisses the other parent.

Oh, fuck, what now? I think. Or possibly say out loud. Or both.

He apparently misbehaved

3 Replies to “My turn!”

  1. Well hun it appears we have the same problem. Feral child (almost 9) has decided that everything relating to bodily emissions is hysterical, the ceiling fan blades are far more interesting than anything his poor poor teacher has to offer, and he has also mistaken me for one of his homeboys in the playground. Huh, yup, wateva, yeah yeah, ‘poxy’ (completely unimpressed with this one), boo ya, woot woot, blah blah blah… I just hope we survive the weekend when I can turn him back over to the teacher on monday morning for more torment, and then pray I dont get called into the principals office… How is it possible that the walk of shame to his office hurts far more now than it ever did when I was the one being a little bastard in the classroom??

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