Need more time

Two more sleeps till Mums’ Night Out!

Managed to secure a badly needed waxing (especially as my dress is sleeveless).

Magazine at printers and should be ready by tomorrow – woo hooo!

And just realised I have an expo to attend tomorrow. As an exhibitor. Not a guest.

Must pay final balance for function.

Posters need to be printed.

Kids? What kids? Oh, shit, school pick up time!

Finish stuffing bags.

Can’t do. Stuff still arriving. Oh, well, stuff what I can.

Print of forms for tomorrow.

Have I paid for function?

Respond emails, especially those relating to Sat night.

Make coffee. In MUG

Find cash box, magnets, brochures for tomorrow.

Send tickets for Saturday night? No, email these guests, tell them will hold tix at door.

PUt DVD on for kids.

WHERE IS MY MUG OF COFFEE???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sort what’s been stuffed in bags and what hasn’t.

Await more stuff for stuffing.

Locate MUG in bottom of box.

Hang washing (been in machine all day … could delay the inevitable by washing again? Nope. Water restrictions. Feel guilty enough without adding that to the equation.)

Put kids in bath. Treat with lice treatment. Good excuse to keep in bath longer. Get more work done.

Box up everything for tomorrow.

Read to kids?

Read to kids!

More printing of flyers.

Got to bed.

Who has time to go to bed?????????????

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