Negotiating and one up manship

Arrive at school for pickup and Monkey Boy comes racing over to me, a friend and his mum in tow.

“Can I go to his place after school today? Please,” and without pause, comment or even a look from me, “I’ll be off your hands!”

Hmm, no argument there from me. Turn to Mum and tell her that I really had no argument to that and she was welcome to him.

Of course, I couldn’t leave it at that. I really did have to show him who was boss. My opportunity came when fellow school mum says they’re going swimming in the backyard pool.

I time it beautifully, waiting till a larger group of kids and their parents were leaving, “You can, but you’ll have to go in naked. And everyone will see your doodle.”

Apparently, I am the evilist mummy in the world. Tempted to prove just how evil by renegging on agreement

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