New Real-sources to help these school holidays

With the school holidays upon us, Real Mums likes to give you resources you can use in what is essentially the reality of Life – we call these “Real-sources”.

(But your probably know that already)

Just for you these hols, we’ve created two handy little items.

The first is the Real Mums School Holiday Sanity Saver – which is really not doing it a lot of justice as it can be used all year round, on weekends, evenings and whenever you need it.

Essentially it is a Fun Activity for you and/or the kids to do, as well as a way for both you and the kids to monitor the inevitable school holiday behaviour. It will allow you to remember exactly what you’ve promised them and won’t leave you open to manipulation or looking like a bad mother.

Being a brightly coloured visual chart, it will appeal to the kids and can easily be seen by you and them from across the room.

Personally, I’m going to make my kids do the activity involved and they will enjoy it whether they like it or not.

Sample only – mostly it’s a DIY thing 🙂

You can visit the Real Mums Shop to download your copy – free –

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