New Resource – an Evil, Society Changing Plan – Are You In?

I’ve been fumbling about how to start this latest update and post, because there are so many things I want to say …

I think … I think this … you see, because Real Mums and it’s community, the Bad Mother’s Club, have been called a number of things over the years.



Stupid C*nts!

We are bad, a menace to society, disrespectful to our kids, horrible women who shouldn’t have been allowed to have kids.

Et cetera …

Not surprisingly, these comments have come from those whom have never been a part of the community or Club, like those people who rant about how awful

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  1. And to think all of those highly disrespectful and horrible women are SO supportive of this incredibly caring and wonderful initiative! Wow! How on earth will this planet of ours continue to rotate? All of that love being shared around….. Wonders never cease! xoxo

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