New Resource: Embrace the Chaos

How would you like to regain control of the chaos and mayhem that is Life With Children, feel less stressed, more in control, happier and just enjoying life more with less yelling at the kids?

Yeah, me too.

About the only thing I can rely on for consistency in my life is Chaos.

There’s the stock standard Living In A House Full of Boys Chaos, which I’m sure many, many understand and live with, too.

Then there’s the Last Minute Change To Plans kind of Chaos.

Again, something I’m sure many can relate to.

I’m rather open about the Chaos in my life and commenting about the change to plans that can, and have regularly, happened up to 6 or 7 times in one day.

Whilst this openness generally garners empathy and understanding, there has also been the occasional “Stop whinging” and “try living with seven kids” and “I’m sick of people with three kids complaining about how ‘hard’ their life is” … all of which I find rather intriguing.

Although I do understand where they’re coming from, I find it interesting that

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