New 'school' kids

Argh – Grumpy Pants, Monkey Boy and Godzilla all had “school” starting at 9am.

And they all wanted me to be the one to take them.

Grumpy was easy – “You. Hop on train” as he grumbled out the door (no lunch made for him, either) to his first day at “school”, where he’s learning to become a teacher. Of sorts.

I had successfully secured a lift to school for Monkey Boy. Easy fixed (and yes, he got his lunch).

Then Godzilla and I toddled off to his first day at kinder.

My baby. At kinder. It was a bit of a teary moment.

(again, that relief ….)

He attempted the “If I don’t kiss her and say goodbye then she can’t leave” trick.

But you can’t fool me that easily.

Did the pickups for both, swimming lessons and home to cook dinner whilst I awaited Grumpy Pants’ return to find out how his day went.

(OK I lie, we got takeaway!)

It was nice to hear he had settled in well, although it was a little daunting for him. But he did establish himself quite well.

As the class smartarse. Before lunch.

During a discussion about disabilities

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