New Shoes, Two Shoes

Off to big shopping centre to purchase birthday presents for kinder kids.

(No one ever mentioned this childrearing expense to me)

Fortunatley, Grumpy did the shcool drop off and took Godzilla along with him for the morning. So I was able to do it in peace.

Despite the friends I’m purchasing for not technically being my friend, I discovered, through trial and error, and a bucketload of caffiene, that taking a four year old to purchase gifts for similarly aged associates is not a good idea.

Took the opportunity to purchase some slip on shoes for the kids that they can wear to swimming.

Being the stingy, evil mother that I am, coming home to a new pair of shoes each proved to be most exciting.

Godzilla tried his on straight away. We were then required to hold him down forcefully and, at risk of being kicked in the mouth, remove the shoes so he may bathe.

Jarmies went on, after new shoes, and he proceeded to wear them through quiet time in front of the TV

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