New Year – a bit of old, a bit of new

A new day, a new year has dawned.

And the kids are still up to their old tricks.

I wonder how this will end … Monkey Boy is attempting to pole vault over various pieces of furniture using the roll from the tablecloth. He obviously can’t remember the last time he attempted the same activity.

So, I’d better remind him. Nothing like having kids to poke some fun at.

After reminding him of the painful consequences of stupid behaviour, I sent them outside … so, if nothing else, my good vases wouldn’t get broken. Nor anything else of useless or useful value.

Not long after, right outside my office window, a jousting match was taking place.

A one-sided, loud, jousting match, in the very narrow, concreted pathway between our house, and the brick wall next door.

Made some bets with the Grumpy One about possible outcomes, before removing pole from children’s grasp. Not before we’d our need for entertainment had been satiated, however.

Not one to shirk a challenge, we decided we’d indulge Chippie his first meal, before he threw himself headlong into a bowl of tinned spaghetti.

Whipped up a feast fit for a 4-month old, rice cereal mixed with some breast milk I found lurking in the freezer (behind all the Homer Hudson ice-creams I haven’t had time to eat yet!).

*sigh* Much like the behaviour of my other two boys, he consumed the entire bowl in a manner resembling one of those powerful sucky vacuum cleaners they advertise on TV. The ones that can hold up a 16 poind bowling ball.

At least we know what we’re in for this year.

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