"New" year?

Last night – New Year’s Eve – was nothing like I wanted, but somehow, not surprisingly, everything I expected.

At the last minute, I felt the desire to spend it with some good friends. Nothing fanciful, rowdy, or even excessively celebratory. Just a couple of drinks, a good laugh and maybe watching the fireworks on TV.

I wasn’t naive enough to assume a babysitter would be available so we could go out and let the kids have a much needed sleep. And Grumpy was grumpy enough to suggest that I had left my “run a bit late” to invite someone over.

And there was no way we were going to the fireworks in 40 degree heat!

So I sent the Grumpy one up to the video shop for Pirates of the Carribean 3 (which I had yet to see as I fell asleep during the movie last time we hired it), and he returned. With the correct video and one for the kids, too.

Ten minutes into the kids DVD, it went dodgy and was unwatchable. So on went the Simpsons Movie just for something different.

I put the kids to bed in our room – the room with the fan, too hot otherwise – put some champagne flutes in the freezer, popped a bottle of bubbles and sat back to watch a bit of Johnny Depp.

(Can I just add, thank goodness Kiera has finally put on some bloody weight!!)

At precisely the same point as when I fell asleep, this DVD decided it, too, was unwatchable. Still in the festive spirit, I took it in my stride and thought, what the heck, we’ll watch whatever crap is on TV leading up to the countdown and the new year.

Godzilla decided he couldn’t sleep, so came to join us. And Grumpy finally exploded.

We watched some party music stuff, Godzilla giggling everytime Britney’s bum was shown, hanging out the bottom of her shorts, and saying “I saw a bum. Hehehehehehe.” Godzilla then fell alseep, on me, at about 8 in the countdown and we all toddled off to bed.

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