Next on the List: The Guitar Concert

Ah, the annual music school concert.

I’ve finally had a chance to focus on it properly, including sending a frantic text to Grumpy Pants earlier this morning that subtly suggested we needed to purchase the all important and essential black ties they are to wear when performing, or risk being excluded from the concert.

My main concern with that, other than having paid a squillion dollars for four adult tickets to the concert, two of which I couldn’t give away to family (it’s that time of year, you know) or friends, was that my two were part of a six piece ensemble that I was already dubious about. Dubious in terms of how it would sound when performed, I mean.

I, during that stage, had made a last minute decision to join a friend in some warehouse shopping and was busily trying to acquire as many presents as my List required before heading home.

I did what I could and made the executive decision to delegate to the Grumpy One, given that they’re all his siblings etc and a) knows them better, allegedly

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