Nits and Lice and Crawly Things. Already!?

The note came home today.

Not an excursion (had those already), not the “we want your money” note (had those, too), nor fundraising requests or the upcoming fete … ok, that last one was with this one.

The Nits Note! Already! Or is it usually earlier in the year that we get them? How long has this note been sitting in the bag?

Of course, it comes with a complete novel on what nits and lice are, what they look like, where to find them, their mating and breeding patters (ueww, too much information!) and how to treat them.

And the dreaded “keep your child at home until they day after appropriate treatment has commenced”. I don’t think they’re allowed to do this, but I’m not risking it.

Fortunately, I’m an experienced nit picker, so no need for the dash to the supermarket to hand over my life savings on a single, 2 millilitre bottle that suggests I “treat the entire family”.

(A dash to the supermarket to purchase some staples like, say, food might be in order. About a week ago.)


Well, at least I know what I’ll be doing for the next two weeks ….

(Thank goodness for the Real Mums Guide to Icky Crawly Things – Head Lice & Nits … which at least tells you what you’re in for!)

2 Replies to “Nits and Lice and Crawly Things. Already!?”

  1. All i can say is, be gratefull you don’t have a girl with almost reaching bum length blonde hair! We got “the note” in week TWO!!!!

  2. Oh no you poor thing. Liam had what seemed like a constantly reoccurring nit infestation the year he was at 4 y.o kinder. I became a practiced nit picker too-in the end combing EVERY day for 3 weeks in a row was the only way to get rid of the buggers 🙁

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