No, actually, I prefer it the other way around

Parent teacher interviews this afternoon.

Hung around at school, because, as was inevitable, the available interview times I had were at a point between not having enough time to go home and come back and hanging around for far too long. I chose the hanging around.

Either was was going to be painful a la “Do we have to go back?” or, the alternative “I’m tired and cold, I want to go home.” Lose-Lose situation, really.

Anyhoo, both had brought home good reports, I had very few questions, they were doing well and “A pleasure to have in the class.”

What? Who? My kids?

Yes, apparently. They listen well, they follow instructions well, and they are a “delight”.

“Nah, can’t be. Stop teasing and tell me about my kids. I can assure you, they’re incapable of listening and following any sort of instruction. As for delight, they’re not jelly coated chocolate from Turkey.”

They insisted. I believe I went so far as to point at one teacher and chant “Liar, liar pants of fire!” and run away.

Monkey Boy’s teacher calmed me down and assured me that he really was well behaved and a “lovely” child who worked well. Then overstepped the mark by adding “It’s great feedback to be getting. You prefer them to be well-behaved with others. Better than the other way around.”

Um, no. No actually, I prefer them to be well-behaved, delightful children who can listen and follow instructions when at home with me. When they’re with other’s, they’re not my problem and I don’t have to deal with them.

Win-win really. For me

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  1. Hi

    Loved the post! Reminds me of when No.1 son was young. I didn’t recognise the teachers version either! he was a little git at home!!

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