No Easy Feet (and a giveaway!)


Lots of pretty shoes.

T’is one of my favouritest things about the this contract/project thingo I’m doing.

Not only can I now justifiably by myself new shoes, but I

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  1. The story that immediately springs to mind happened to me after a Christmas work cruise. I was seriously the ONLY one who didnt drink anything but Coke all night. I watched as my workmates became silly, loud and sometimes sick onboard!! We disembarked, said our goodbyes, then on the way to the car, I tripped down over a lip in the footpath flat onto my hands and knees. When I stood up, my big toe felt sticky on my shoe. On further inspection, I was leaving a puddle of dripping blood from a deep gash under my toe. Three intoxicated young workmates all came to have a look for me and in unison cried “EWWWWW!” I had one one her knees cleaning and bandaging my big toe, whilst the other two talked to me and tried to make sure I wasn’t going to faint!! Seriously it was almost laughable…but it was pretty bad. Took 5 weeks to heal including a visit to the Doctor!! The lesson I learned: next time I go on a boat cruise, Im having a few drinks!

  2. My Godmother refuses to ever go barefoot in fear that she will stand in ‘fly shit’.
    It’s seriously hilarious watching her if by chance a slipper or thong falls off, the dance she does in fear and horror as she rushes to the nearest bathroom or laundry to scrub those tootsies of hers.

  3. Just last night, I tried to embarrass my friend by pretending at the dinner table he has a foot fetish (he doesn’t

  4. When I was a child, I forgot to change from my slippers to my shoes before leaving home for school. I only realised I was wearing slippers when kids started laughing at me at school! The teacher had to call mum who brought in a pair of shoes!

  5. That time I accidentally kicked my kid cousin in the face…
    I let the little one paint my toe nails pink after hours of begging. I’m sure she regrets tickling my foot half way through, especially when she saw the paint had rubbed off my nails onto her chin :/

  6. While playing roller derby, my left foot in my beautiful skates, clipped with another girls wheels, and as I belly flopped into the track, so did she, successfully kicking me in the groin with her skate.
    I came up coughing and spluttering, and now understand why in tv and film, men look like they’re in so much pain when they get kicked in the crotch!

  7. My Sister in law and I were going out on the town one night and I was wearing boots, and she was wearing heels(Very High) So I commented on them and after a chat she convinced me to wear them! So I reluctantly did and told her that I’m not very good in heels. So we arrived and got out of the cab and literally the 2nd step out of the cab I slipped and scraped my knee so badly!!!! I was so embarrassed and in pain and the blood, so we found one of those large ban-aids and covered it up and carried on through the night!! So the moral of the story is to always go with your first instincts with your wardrobe!!!!!

  8. Helping to vaccinate lambs on my brother’s farm, I leaned over to shoo one along. It backed up instead, knocking the vaccinator gun into my foot.
    Couldn’t delay things, could I, so the wound was attended to that night.

    Needless to say after doing 500 lambs then me, I had one septic foot, suffered a febrile convulsion, scored a tetanus shot, a week of antibiotics and two weeks on crutches.

    Haven’t caught Cheesy Gland or Pulpy Kidney though…

  9. I used to have 2 pairs of identical (apart from colour) shoes for work – one pair blue, one black. I also had a great blue summer dress that just pulled on over my head. One morning heading off to London early (in the dark) I pulled on my dress and slipped into a pair of shoes. You’ve guessed it I turned up to work with odd shoes and my dress on inside out!
    For a sad/yuck foot story – as a teenager I had to have all my toes straightened and my big toes had a metal pin in them BUT it wasn’t that deep and I could see the top and what was worse when I sat near a fire or a radiator it warmed up! They were removed a few months later but I’ve still got dimples on the top of my big toes where the pin was removed.

  10. Getting dressed at arse o’clock in the morning in the dark, so I wouldn’t wake up the other half, I put my shoes on, and then felt something run over my toes. I yelled, kicked my shoe off, which hit the wall above Hubby’s head, and turned the light on. Hubby yelled because the shoe fell on him, and a cockroach ran out of it and onto him. He then killed the cockroach with my shoe, looked at me, and then we both started laughing like crazy, which then woke up two of the four kids. It was an interesting start to the day!

  11. I woke up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet and instead of slipping my feet into my slippers I went barefoot. I walked through the lounge room and felt something squash under my foot, I continued to the toilet coz I was busting and turned the light on, sat down, looked at my foot and screamed and jumped up, there was squashed goldfish blood and guts stuck to my foot, the bugger had jumped out of the tank onto the floor, and there’s me screaming , wee going everywhere while I’m frantically trying to get the guts off my foot.

  12. When I was young, I used to watch Seinfeld with my brother. A lot of the jokes went over my head so I would just laugh when he did and it made me feel really grown up! Unfortunately, I totally blew my credibility in the episode where Elaine borrows a meat slicer from Kramer to even out her heels… I didn’t realise she meant on her shoes, and thought she was slicing her actual heels on her feet with the meat slicer. I was absolutely horrified and nobody could work out why I never wanted to watch Seinfeld again!!!!

  13. My husband and I celebrated every month of the first twelve months we were dating, we were in our teens so that should explain everything. It was our 3 month anniversary so DH wanted to do something a little bit special for getting to such a major milestone, again… we were young.

    He took me out for some Yum Cha and then proceeded the date at Rymill Park in Adelaide, it’s on the edge of the CBD and can be used for equestrian events. There’s a lovely large pond that is flanked by a caf

  14. I was in the toilets and a lady asked me if I had just vomited. ‘No’, I replied, ‘I just took off my shoes’!

  15. Thanks Lovelies!

    Giveaway now closed and I’ll do some light reading over the next few days and let you know who is deemed the recipient of a Scholl Pack!

    Looks like a few of you deserve it!

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