No Entry! Press Button to stop tram …

Trip to Old Melbourne Gaol for a bit of culture and learning and knowledge and family time and stuff.

Organisations could take a leaf out of the parents “reverse psychology” handbook.

Every parent knows that if you don’t want a child to climb under the chain with the big sign saying “KEEP OUT” in big red letters and play with the lever that activates the hanging gallows, then you remove the chain and allow access.


You want them to do it, put the barriers in the way. You don’t want them to, you let them do it.

And really, if you’re going to get pissed off becuase a four year old boy presses the buttons located at little boy height on the trams incessantly – then don’t put buttons at little boy height.


Boy. Button – you’re an idiot if you don’t think its gonna happen.

Little boys (especially ones that have managed to cut their finger, fall off a bluestone wall, and fall out of a bed whilst playing quietly) should really also listen to their Mummies when their Mummies recommend they either sit down or hold on when on the tram.

Mummies should probably also purchase a couple of those ice pack things that you can keep in your bag.

And several more packs of bandaids.

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