No Food!

We have no food in the house.

Well, we have some food. I’m sure I only went grocery shopping a week ago. Whether I bought food or not is an uncertainty. We also have no chocolate.

Managed to scrape up enough bread for a school lunch today, thankfully no kinder! And some crackers I spread some Vegemite on, so they might possibly be considered “acceptable”. Of, course, when the guilts hit, you can also resort to carrot julienne, which I do often. Just to fill the lunch box up, of course. Usually when I don’t have enough to put in it.

As for my lunch, my tuna salad I felt like is kinda out the door. Especially given we have, for tuna salad, lettuce and pretty much bugger all else. Sandwiches are out of the question, as, well, bread is required for that.

Hmm, I wonder if I can whip up a few more of those crackers I sent Monkey Boy to school with????

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