No harm getting in early …

Start the day off with a trip to the dentist for a well overdue checkup. So overdue that I lost a filling and had to have a new one put in.

They did some other work, numbed half my face and I was worried that if I had a car accident on the way home the paramedics would think I’d had a stroke. Thankfully, I didn’t. Have either.

Grumpy went off to work not long after I got home, so I took Chippie with me to a meeting regarding some events I’m organising. It was tight, so got the swimming bags organised and ready to throw in the car so we could go straight to school, then swimming.

Triple checked I had a spare set of clothes for Chippie and swimming lessons. Not his, of course, he’s not having any. Yet.

Walk to appointment, and whilst we’re waiting for the restaurant manager, Chippie takes the lid off his sipper cup, which also happened to be very full, and poured it over his socks. Then he crawled through the rather large puddle. Then sat in it. Then helped to clean it up by running his hand through it, and lying in it.

And we haven’t even done the school pickup yet, let alone got to the pool.

That done, I dressed him in his bathers where he, once again, refused to go in and sat on the edge and cried. Know that the second I dress him, he will want to go in. I dress him anyway and distract him with food.

Food always works for a distraction. It’s a good one.

Managed to keep him dry. Until it was time to leave, of course, when he once again located a baby’s bottom sized puddle and sat in that.

I think I’m beyond caring, now. Although am contemplating going naked myself next week, as spent all this afternoon wandering around pool with one wet crotch and one wet leg …

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