No sleep

Urgh, the hot has heated up the house to a point where we need to consume all the chocolate before it melts.

Well, the chocolate that hasn’t made it into the fridge because its too full. Of chocolate.

I’m sure people take special, evil, glee in providing my kid with chocolate at Christmas time.

Like they can’t find anything else to get them.

Like one of them is not totally obsessed with trains. And they couldn’t even think enough to purchase train shaped chocolate.

And its mucking up our sleep.

We can’t breath (this is good, the kids are sleeping longer)

After many attempts at falling asleep in bed, it just didn’t work.

So I toddled off to the couch, to lie in front of the open door to cool down a smidge.

Five hours later I awoke.

Still on the couch.

You should have seen my hair!!! It was way worse than normal.

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