No Time For Thinking

This week, not to mention the last fortnight or so, and the following few weeks proceeding this week, are just a wee bit crazy.

There is, of course, Christmas shopping (or even Christmas Thinking About) to be done on top of my “usual” craziness. This is, as is wont to happen at this time of year, accompanied by a plethora of End of Year Activities, such as music school concerts and, this year, I also get Grade 6 Graduation to squish in there somewhere.

Which reminds me, High School Stuff is also tossed in for good measure. Info nights and orientation days and the purchasing of books and uniforms.

Yes, right as we’re spending funds on Christmas presents … surely it can wait till the last minute?!?

The info pack about high school arrived today. Actually, it apparently arrived a few days ago, but I only got handed it today. Along with the information pack for kindergarten for the Littlest One.

At which point, my head exploded and I put it all aside to work out dates and funds later.

For now, I had to attend yet another End Of Year Event, put on by the school … the Annual Art Show. This year, it is coupled with New Prep Orientation, so they school may showcase the creative artistry that goes on at the school.

A few months back, when I was hit with a stroke of brilliance, I suggested to Monkey

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