None for the mummy, two for the show

I was treated, again, to a day of running around all over the place like a mad woman’s breakfast.

The upside of it, however, was the Shopping For Party Food!

How is shopping for party food an “upside”? you may well ask.

Because, yes, it’s for MY PARTY!

The downside was, I had to take a Grumpy Bastard and Tantrumming Toddler (or pre-schooler or whatever the hell he is called now other than fucking little shit he is three) with me. That was fun.

In the short time I had spare, before heading off to the Mr Chicken Party or presentation or something (I couldn’t read the invite I was presented) I had been invited to by Godzilla, I attempted some work.

This involved my immediate attendance in the other room by Chippie in order to put Cranky the Crane’s head on again (am pretty sure I didn’t rip it off, despite an overwhelming desire to on more than one occasion), watch Boulder do something and listen to some rambly, three year old reenactment of a scene from Thomas the tank engine. Epsidoe 946 million or something.

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