Nooooo! It

The usual Tuesday morning fare … hubby leaving for work before the rest of the house up, and me getting tantrums from the second Chippie awakes until I go completely insane and lock myself in the freezer comparment with some Vodka.

Tuesday is also the day a friend pops over and we get some work done.

She enquired about my weekend whilst Chippie was sitting on my lap, screaming in my face, reaching our for things then throwing them at my head when I passed them to him. I do believe at one stage I informed him he was pissing me off and I wished he would stop.

At which point, I tuned out – it was that or throw him out into the back yard – recounting bits of information I’d obtained, ideas I’d come up with and people I’d met.

“What’s Rich Evans like?” she enquired.

“Fucking awesome!” I responded.

“Fuckin'” says Chippie.

Hmmm. On the upside. At least he stopped crying ….

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