Not a good start, but a proud moment to finish


Awful night last night. Godzilla’s friend sleeping over and not doing great. First time he’s had a sleepover anywhere, so, really, doing very nicely.

Our house is scary. He needs a wee. He wants his mummy. But not a 3.22am. Just tomorrow sometime, to come pick him up. Yes, I’ll turn the light on, quick go to the toilet, definitely, Mummy will be here tomorrow.

Chippie sitting on bladder and some other really hurty spot, so had to let him attempt wee on his own (something he has been capable of doing during daylight hours, just not in the early hours of the morning when I’m about to wee on the floor myself). Race off to loo, he cries, really loudly and then does a poo. In his knickers. Fortunately, Grumpy gets up to deal with it. Good thing, too, otherwise I may very well have vomited on the floor right next to the wee I was unable to contain had I not buggered off.

Get his settled, with light on and lots of reassuring noises about mummies and tomorrows, and crawl into bed. Only to be followed mere minutes later by Godzilla, who can’t sleep coz the “light is too shiney” and his friend is snoring. Really loudly.

What seems like seconds later, but is, according to bedside clock, hours later, Monkey Boy and Godzilla’s friend climb into bed and won’t shut up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Eventually convince Grumpy to just get the fuck up and let me get some fucking sleep. Which he does.

Godzilla, suprisingly, remains asleep beside me. I then, obviously due to lack of slumber, begin some sort of olfactory hallucination and imagine I can smell wee.

No, surely not. Must be my snotty nose and the fact that three of us have slept in a bed all night, and we were hot and sweaty.

No, is wee. All over my belly. Great.

Do I have to get up? Surely this is an indication not to?

Takes 3 goes and one full MUG of coffee to boot up computer, before deciding best task to takle today. Wardrobe needs a good cleanout, including redistribution of unwearable maternity clothes and clothes from the 80’s. Possibly the 1880’s, but still to be determined.

Or, I could work on some sort of contract thing that needs doing, or the technical stuff that looks doable by me, but could quite easily, given this morning’s efforts, go very pear shaped without much effort.

Decide on wardrobe – at least will give me some activity given I missed my walk this morning in desperate attempt for more snooze.

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