Not enough coffee or chocolate teddy bear biscuits …

Not being able to make a coffee didn’t help the remainder of the day.

When will this stop.

Received phone call from local police regarding incident last week and can I chat to them. Like I had anything to say. Scheduled a time, put Chippie down for his nap, attempted to make another coffee and get some work done, contemplate calling to change time to give Chippie the extra sleep he appears to need and ensure not standing around waiting for school pickup. Chippie wakes just as come close to making decision.

Chat to detectives, whilst Chippie crawls around charming police women, getting given teddy bears and eating files. That takes forever given I don’t have much to offer them, and am finished with half an hour to kill. Fortunatley, Chippie sees to it that the time is filled productively, by filling his nappy and requiring a change. Complete overhaul, actually. Thankfully had remembered change of nappies and clothes.

Forgot snacks, however.

Got to school on time, and remembered as was driving there that tonight is Space Expo night at school. Great. Totally forgot, can’t get out of it as Monkey Boy just has to be there because he’s doing something that makes no sense to me. Head to swimming lessons (“mum, did you bring any snacks?” repeat incessantly) do some ranty “hurry up if you want to be back at school by 5!” gave up and said “take your time, then, I really don’t care” and head back to school.

Starving. And I mean starving.

Chippie fell asleep, then awoke in similar state of hunger. Still at school, mid space expo admiring the dioramas and other paraphernalia constructed by the kids, and, more often than not, their parents. It was when Chippie leapt out of my arms and ripped the half eaten California role being consumed by one of the teachers that I felt I probably should do something about feeding him. And boob wasn’t enough. I tried, and he alerted everyone to the fact that I was feeding him and that he was most disatisfied and required something more substantial.

Spent 20 minutes attempting to locate Godzilla, how had ignored the “don’t leave the room” order, raced to local chicken shop to grab chicken and chips, home to grab a tub of yogurt and banana for Chippie and back to school to grab Monkey Boy so we could go home and eat.

Thankfully all took longer than anticipated and by the time returned to school, expo was almost over. Extracting Monkey Boy not as arduous as anticipated.

Arrive home, still lamenting lack of wine and cheese at school thingo, note to self to complain to anyone on parent committee who cares that parents are being unnecessarily tortured, and discover no wine in my fridge.


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